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The cuisine of the Basque Country is art with a capital A, whether at the barra – counter – of a common tavern, or in a two- or three-star restaurant. The region was blessed with restaurant awards in 2013, something it is no stranger to, making San Sebastián the city with the most Michelin stars per capita in the world. You don’t need to spend a fortune to try its delicacies. Pintxos (local versions of tapas), hot or cold, usually cost between two and three euros. And you don’t need to be a famous chef to create very tasty pintxos. On the counters you can see coloured slices of baguette topped with the best there is from land and sea. The most photogenic of all is named Gilda and is a tribute to the eponymous film, starring Rita Hayworth, from 1946. It was invented over 50 years ago at Casa Vallés: a toothpick skewering an olive, a guindilla – pepper – and an anchovy. There has never been a woman like Gilda, and there has also never been a pintxo quite so salty and spicy.
Cuisine in miniature and wandering from tavern and tavern is all part of the local gastronomical culture, as much as the wonderful sea bream, bonito and hake from the Cantabrian Sea. Salt cod, which comes from further north, is also much appreciated. From the caserios come fresh farm products and meat with an unbeatable flavour. The idiazabal sheep’s milk cheese is another of the delicacies to try. San Sebastián is home to the Instituto Basco de Culinária, where renowned chefs teach their tricks to those for whom cooking is the art of the exceptional. The building resembles a stack of plates piled up after a nice meal.

Viejo zortzi
A Bilbao classic. Herein are revealed the secrets of Daniel García, winner of a Michelin star. The cuisine is creative and slightly inspired by Basque cuisine. Try the cod pil pil style or rib done to a tee.

Café Bar Bilbao
Open since 1912, this café takes advantage of the amazing atmosphere of the Plaza Nueva de Bilbao. The house pintxos have won several awards. Start with the Bilbainito and move on to an Iberico with grilled mushrooms washed down with a well-pulled caña (beer).

Mirador de Ulía
Ruben Tricado has a Michelin star, but to talk about him only in terms of stars would be unfair. Despite having been other places, Ruben was greatly influenced by his father, the former owner of this establishment which has been running 46 years. Today, he makes dishes with especial love and care. Arrive at dusk to enjoy the view, ask for the tasting menu and it will take your palate to the heavens.

San Telmo Gastro-Cultural Space
Run by the Bokado group, the museum cafeteria was chosen to be the laboratory and test bed for innovations and advances in Basque Country miniature cuisine. Be sure to try the Foiscujá or the local version of patatas bravas. Food made with soul and an attention to aesthetics worthy of the museum.

A bar, lots of pintxos and noise typical of a people who are always partying. It would take three strong men to do justice to the house chuletón (veal cutlet).

A Fuego Negro
The young Edorta Lamo makes signature pintxos. Try the rabbit with garlic or the kobe con txips (mini-hamburger made from kobe meat with fries). If your Spanish is up to it ask Óscar for everything, if not ask for the menu in English.

Asador Kaia
The fish here is a very serious matter and so is the wine cellar. It has 40,000 bottles and over 1,000 different wines. You can see the sea from your table. “A poorly grilled turbot is a turbot that has died in vain.” Here is a maxim that leaves no room for error.

Txakoli de Getaria
The temperate climate and the sea breeze from the Gulf of Biscay gave rise to the seaside vineyards that produce txakoli, a delicious and refreshing white wine. It goes well with fish and seafood from the region, Bermeo anchovies or Guernika peppers.













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Basque Gastronomy

We're proud about our gastronomy. A culinary destination par excellence, full of Michelin stars, this is an area to eat with your eyes and your heart.

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